Happy Birthday Adam!


Today, February 21st, is my big brother, Adam’s birthday. Being three years younger then him, I have known him my whole life. Adam and I have always been not only brother and sister, but friends as well. He has influenced me in so many ways; my strong will and stubbornness I give him some credit for, as well as some of my creativity. In our house there was always something going on; games, movie making, music recording. One of my fondest memories (thus far) is making one of our movies titled “Murder at Mom’s”, a forty five minute action film in which my brother, my friend, and myself played all the many characters. This movie began when, on a very rainy day, we decided to film a “fight scene” in the rain. From there the movie had a life of its own.

As a musician, my brother is always filling the house with music. He is either playing the music himself, or blasting it on high volume for all the house to hear. Adams music taste is that of a baby boomer (though he is much younger) and because of this mine has some similar elements to it. He, along with my parents, have exposed me to great artists such as Bruce Springstein, U2, Paul Simon and of course the ever so loved Beatles. All this makes for a very joyful house.


Having my brother away at college has had it’s hard moments of missing him, but he keeps in contact so often that the distance doesn’t always seem so far. Happy Birthday Adam! I love you so much. xoxo your sister, Violet



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