Powell’s books: heaven for a book lover.

While in Portland this weekend, there was one place I especially wanted to spend some time; Powell’s books. Powell’s books is an enormous book store located in downtown Portland that has shelves and shelves of books. The first time I went there I was overwhelmed by the mass amount of books and spent most of my time browsing a few different sections. As a fan of used books, I was very excited to learn that there were used books mixed in with the new.

On my second trip to Powell’s it was a chilly evening. My mother and I headed in the direction of Powell’s intending to spend some time there, but became sidetracked. Despite this, we did end up at the warm book store looking in different sections. Being so big, Powell’s has many sections including a rose room, a pearl room, etc. My mom wanted to look in the home section, so we headed over there. I expected to be bored, but instead found a great find. As a big Barbra Streisand fan I was pleased at seeing her book My Passion for Design on the shelf. I picked it up, planning to flip through it a bit but instead ended up reading, and enjoying, the intro. This book was not only a find I did not expect, but being used was rather marked down. That’s one of the great things about Powell’s; you never know what you’re going to find!

Powell’s is a cozy, despite the large size, bookstore and I highly suggest checking it out if you are ever in Portland. Had I more time, I can imagine myself discovering more and more of this bookshop. 


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