Spring Arrival in the Garden

March is here, and it’s beginning to look like spring. In the gardening plants are beginning to bloom or are already blooming. I took a few pictures of the outdoors while on a walk in the garden.

Lilac in bloom

Lilac in bloom

Lilacs are a beautiful, purple color when in bloom that let off an intoxicating scent. Some lilacs, like these, only bloom for around 2 weeks, which makes this period very special. The lilacs in my own garden have yet to bloom, and simply look like a stick growing out the ground, so I took a picture of my neighbors beautiful lilacs which I always make sure to smell when I walk by. Lilacs are some of the most special flowers, because of their short spanned bloom, and are quite enchanting.

Lilac not yet in bloom

Lilac not yet in bloom

Freesia in bloom

Freesia in bloom

Freesia are beautiful flowers with a distinctive sweet scent that many have re-created in perfume. Each year freesia’s multiply, bringing more of that sweet smell with them.



Agave plants rarely bloom, because after their one and only bloom they die. Our agave in my front yard has begun to bloom, and these large stocks are beginning to grow from it. Goodbye beautiful agave, thank you for your bloom.


In my backyard we have camellia’s that are bright and pink. These flowers often fall from the tree, creating a floor of flowers, as shown in the picture above.

That are so many beautiful plants and flowers out there, what is your favorites?


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