Thursday Farmer’s Market

My town enjoys a beautiful, fresh farmers market a few times a week. My family usually makes it their business to always visit the Saturday morning market, but by Tuesday we were already beginning to run out of Saturday’s bounty. And so, we took a trip to the Tuesday market.

Some of the vegetables the Famer's market has to offer

Some of the vegetables the Farmer’s market has to offer

The market was bustling and alive with people. Street musicians playing music gave the market a lively and almost celebratory air. Stands overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables lined the street. I walked to one of my favorite organic farms stand to pick up the most delicious spinach I have ever had, and one of my personal favorites during spring, snap peas.


After picking up a few things at that stand, I wandered around the market until I came to a stand with some beautiful strawberries I simply could not resist. With spring around the corner, the market had many things to offer that we hadn’t seen all winter.


The Market’s lively environment and fresh produce makes for a great shopping experience. Being in the fresh late afternoon air, and seeing many faces of the community is also nice. After going to the market at least once a week, my family has become familiar with some of the farmers and their crew. Farmer’s markets are great; the food is fresh, the people healthy, and the vibe is great. If there’s a local farmer’s market in your area, take a trip there. You may enjoy it!


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