Saying Goodbye to Winter

Though my town received a somewhat weak winter this year, it was winter none the less. These past few days I have seen the weather getting warmer, and the sun setting later (thanks to the time change). With the Spring equinox right around the corner, we are now able to fondly look back on the winter months.

My town did not receive much rain this year, but I will miss the little rain we did have. I love the rain. It invigorates you, makes you feel alive. Much like having a chilly nose. Though some may deem these things unpleasant, I enjoy them, though perhaps I wouldn’t if I had to deal with them on a regular basis

Any excuse to curl up by the fire with a book and hot drink is a good excuse to me, and chilly winter nights gave this excuse many a time. Though you will find me curled up with a book in every season, I may not always have as good an excuse to. Winter and cozy are two words that easily go together.

During the winter, I often find myself burrowing into my cozy bedroom. Flannel sheets come out, and the room gives off a warmer vibe during these months. In the other months I will enjoy a different kind of feeling in my room.

Baking is a much exercised thing in the winter. There are holidays which require baking, and so much more. While you will defiantly catch we taking a warm batch of cookies out of the oven all year long, the warm smell of baking always reminds me of winter.

What aspects of winter will you be reminiscing about come summer?


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