Saturday in the Park

Last Saturday: After a lazy morning, I decided to go down to the local deli. After ordering a delightful chicken sandwich, I walked to a lovely little park that has ocean views, and big grassy fields. The park was just the place to be; there was a group of adorable young kids playing games, and a few others relaxing on blankets as well. With the kids laughter in the background and the wind in my hair, I settled down for a picnic.


The soft wind and warm sun, made us sleepy on a the cozy blanket after our meal. After a long time of just peacefully starring at the sky, we rallied ourselves and took the short walk to a near by grocery. There we bought ice cream and again returned to the park to stare at the sea and eat ice cream.


This time we camped out on a small bench over looking the sea. The smell of the ocean, mixed with the cooling ice cream made for a delicious snack.

Picnics at parks are one of the best things to do. Being outdoors invigorates you, making you more hungry and the food more satisfying. It is a wonderful thing to have an entire afternoon to do nothing, and be outdoors at the same time. The ocean, the trees, and the blue sky created a relaxing atmosphere, letting me forget my worries. A lot of the time my mind is off in another place, thinking of school work, and plans but on that day I was simply in the moment.


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