Dogs; Truly a Mans Best Friend

I have had two pets in my lifetime; a small hamster named Mary who my brother and I were afraid of and my dog Molly. Molly is a small, half shitzu, half poodle, bundle of joy. We found Molly at a local dog shelter about eight years ago. Ever since the moment we all met her she has become a part of the family. My family was on the shelters “puppy list”, meaning that if a puppy was brought in, we’d get a call. After getting just that call, my dad had rushed to the shelter from work. When my mom, brother and I went there to meet him, we found him sitting in the kennel playing with a little, scruffy Molly. She was a 4 month old, ball of fur that we instantly knew would be the right fit for us.

A picture of Molly from a few years ago

A picture of Molly from a few years ago

Though the years have passed, Molly never seems to get older. She still has the vivacious energy of her youth, and never hesitates to run and play. She jumps so high at times that you can see the top of her head poking up from the other side of the table when she is begging at dinner time. Molly is a source of happiness and joy for all she meets (except maybe the people who pass by our house, for she barks aggressively at them. Though, if someone were to enter the house, all she would do is wag her tail and jump excitedly. Some guard dog!).

Loyally guarding

Loyally guarding

Dogs are truly a mans best friend, or at least mine is. She never tires of my company, and is content to curl up in my lap or run and play. She brings a happiness and lightness to our home.

Molly and I a some years ago on a windy day

Molly and I, a some years ago on a windy day

Dogs are loyal and knowing, yet innocent. From them we receive unconditional love in return for a bowl of kibble and a nice belly rub now and then. Dogs enjoy the simple things in life, and there is always something to learn from them.



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