The Liebster Award


About a week ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award by SmartStunningSearching. Thank you! This is an award for talented bloggers with under 200 followers. Blogs nominated for this award are “worth watching”.

Receivers of the award must following the following guidelines:

  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the blogger who nominated you
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
  4. Go to the blogs you nominated and notify them of your nomination
  5. Give your nominees 11 questions to answer

The following are my answers to the questions I was asked.

1. Why did you start your blog?

Originally I was very hesitant to answer this question, but since I have been asked I have decided to give an honest answer. This blog was originally started for a class that I am taking. It is a social media class, that requires the students to create a blog on WordPress. Other then that the guide lines are very flexible. I have chosen everything else about my blog, and I am happy to say that I no longer view it as an assignment. This blog has become an outlet for my thoughts and is so much more to me then an assignment. I really enjoying blogging, and I will continue to blog even when that assignment is over.

2. What’s your goal for your blog?

I don’t have any specific goals other than to entertain my audience, and to grow as a writer. It was has been said that to become truly master something you have to do it for 10,000 hours, so slowly and surely I am making a dent in that number with my writing and this blog is helping me to do that.

3. What do you do for a living? If you’re a student, what are you studying?

I am currently a student, studying a number of things. I particularly enjoy English, History and of course the social media class, since it introduced me to blogging.

4. What’s your favorite drink to get at Starbucks?

I don’t go to Starbucks very often and haven’t tried many of their drinks. I’m not anti-starbucks or anything, it’s just not a place I go to. When I am there, I tend to not be very adventurous and stick with either tea, hot chocolate, or ice tea and lemonade.

5. What’s your favorite song? Why?

This is a very difficult question for me. After taking some time to consider this question I have found that I can’t give just one answer. There are so many wonderful songs, so I will tell you just a few of my favorites. Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, though I do love Rufus Wainwright’s cover, many Beyonce songs (too many to name), and a number of Beatles songs. My family has always placed an emphasis on music, leaving me with a broad variety of music and songs that I love.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Somewhere in Europe, though I would most likely want to settle somewhere in the US to be close to family. While I wish to travel, I would like to have a home base, close to those I love.

7.  Chris Hemsworth or Liam Hemsworth?

You choose.

8. Are you where you hoped to be at this point in your life?


9. Tell me something about Canada.

Canadians are said to be very friendly.

10. Do you keep up with celebrity news? Why or why not?

Not really. Hearing rumors and gossip about the lives of celebrities doesn’t really interest me.

11. What is your favourite post on your blog?

Hmmm… I’d have to say Fictional Heroines and I because it tells you, the reader a lot about who I am and what I’ve grown up with and relate to. It shows what I truly am; a bookworm.


The following are my nominees:

1. The Alaskan Life

2. Hopeful Foods

3. Good Vibes & Open Eyes

4. SOL 

5. Wild Daizies

6. Kandidly Kaptured

7.  Good Morning 

8. Why not?

9. Natural Photography

10. The Dumb Monkey

11. Oh the Places I’ve Been

The questions I would like for them to answer are:

1. What has blogging taught you?

2. What is your favorite childhood memory?

3. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

4. What is a your favorite quote?

5. Who’s your personal superhero?

6. What is your favorite season?

7. Sweet or sour?

8.  Why did you start your blog?

9. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin?

10. Dogs or cats?

11. Blog post of your own that you wished had gotten more attention?



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