And so the garden grows

About three weeks ago I wrote about Beginning my Garden. Now, after waiting a bit, I can see that the garden has grown. Not only have the fruits and vegetables in our raised bed grown, but flowers and other things in the garden as well. Spring is upon us!

Finally in bloom!

Finally in bloom!

After five years of caring for this baby lilac, it has finally bloomed! The wait was worth it; its rich perfume fills the air and is a pleasure to behold.

At it's beginnings; the garden about 3 weeks ago

At it’s beginnings; the garden about 3 weeks ago

The garden now!

The garden now!

Everyday it seems to grow more and more. The lettuces look good enough to eat, but I know I must be patient!



It’s really exciting to watch your food grow. Each day I have found myself  peeking out the window searching for some sign of growth. Slowly, but surely, this growth has become evident.

Roses in bloom

Roses in bloom

Every year we have been blessed with beautiful blooms, such as these. For months they will decorate our house and garden.

Gardens are a blessing. We see the fruit of our labor in the growth of the flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables. I can feel Spring in the air as the garden around me blooms into a diverse mix of beautiful plants.


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