Discovering a new author: Rosamunde Pilcher

Discovering a good author is like finding a new friend; you enjoy their company, or their books, and you hope to be able to rely on them for more words in the future. I have recently discovered the books of Rosamunde Pilcher, and while she is new to me, she is known and has been known to others for some time now. She is an English writer who began writing in 1949. Though I just discovered a few of her books, they were living on my families book shelf, right under my nose the whole time. These were originally my Grandma Cathy’s books, who read them in the eighties and was inspired by them to travel to places in England that were mentioned in a few of the books.

I first read Coming Home and was immediately drawn in by the story, set in mostly England, but also involving elsewhere. The story is sweet, interesting and entertaining and I give it my highest praises. After finishing Coming Home, I immediately begun to read Winter Solstice, another great read! Having finished that one in a short time I have now picked up The Shell Seekers and am thoroughly enjoying it. These books give an insight to English culture, and through them I have met many wonderful and complex characters. These books make me want to travel to some of the locations mentioned, as my Grandma did.

There are times when I have “readers block” and can’t seem to find a good book, but it never lasts long, for the world has a never ending supply of writing just waiting to be discovered.

What are your latest discoveries in literature?